A key point in Casters’ foundation was when the ministry was prompted to provide a place to reach individuals outside the Church walls. Casters truly enjoys sharing Christ with others and opening the Bible to learn in an outdoor classroom. This key foundation has led to gathering individuals and the Church community together in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania by sharing God’s Word in His creation.


Using small group or one-on-one study, Casters ministers work with each person and their measure of faith given to them by Christ. We wholeheartedly embrace God’s inerrant Word, The Holy Bible, along with additional learning materials proven successful to open-up a deeper spiritual relationship with Jesus. With a focus on identifying how Spiritual Gifts work together for the whole Church of God in the Body of Christ, our ministers help participants identify their relationship with Jesus and His active presence in their lives.

What Makes Us Different

We do not compete against other ministries, and individuals who want to join our ministry are not required to be affiliated with any Church. Through outdoor-focused activities and one-on-one communication, we will help you strengthen your relationship with God and find Christ wherever you are in your life.

Contact Us

Let us join you on your personal journey so that we can help you grow through God’s teachings. Reach out to us today for more information about our ministry and what we can do to help you form a more meaningful relationship with Christ. We look forward to working with you!